Monday, August 3, 2009

A Religion of Peace?

I wish I could believe that statement that Islam is a religion of peace but I see no peace wherever Islam prevails.

I am not against Muslims. They have been victims of the teachings of Islam and Sharia law. It often seems that only the rich Muslims and those who have left Islam are happy.

There are too many unanswered why's about Islam. Those that are answered are cover-ups or lies. Check the list of sites to the left if you do NOT believe that. I see it all the time on Youtube comments.

  • Why are so many Muslims angry?
  • Why do their leaders preach against the Jews and Christians and encourage killing of them? [See video below which will not allow embedding from YouTube. WHY? Watch below and you will know!]
  • Video which allows embedding by ex-Muslim


  • Why are children taught to hate Jews and Israel? Teaching Hate through MUSLIM MICKY MOUSE?

  • Why are the children taught to hate? Islamic Sesame St.?

  • Why do their textbooks and TV programs give incorrect hateful portrayals of Jews?
  • Why do they want to drive the Jews into the sea?

  • Why are women treated like slaves?
  • Why is it allowed that female servants be sex slaves?
  • Why do Muslim states subjugate and kill people of other faiths?
  • Why are Muslims encouraged to kill those who leave Islam?
  • Why are jihadists that kill others applauded and celebrated?
  • Why are so many Muslim clerics want the west destroyed?

  • Why are temporary marriages allowed so a Muslim man can have sex with any woman?
  • Why are rape victims treated as the criminals?
  • Why are rapists allowed to go free?
  • Why is Islam so concerned about sex in this life & the next?
  • Why are Muslims encouraged to lie to "infidels"?
  • Why was Muhammed guilty of mass murder?
  • Why often do Muslim clerics in North America and Britain rail against the countries they came to live in?
  • Why are mosques often used to protect terrorists and caches of weapons?
  • Why is the killing of those who leave Islam called honor killings? How can there be any honor in cold-blooded murder?
  • Why???
  • Why is it normal for women especially to be stoned? See The Stoning of Soraya M.

BASED ON A TRUE STORY Stranded in a remote Iranian village, a French journalist is approached by Zahra, a woman who has a harrowing tale to tell about her niece, Soraya, and the bloody circumstance...

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